Saturday, May 21, 2011

St. James Methodist Church Biker Crew came through!

Last Saturday was the big first annual Myself and 3 other men from church completed the 176 mile bike ride in Relay style. Our time was 11.5 hours at a pace of 15.3 mph. Starting at Millers Landing (OMaha) 6:00Am, the ride down to Rock Port Missouri was very fast. The wind was at our backs helping push us along. At one point on a long flat section, pushing hard in high gear, I hit 30 mph. Jason Kennedy, pastor, hit 35 mph on a downhill section near Glenwood, IA. Jim Lamb, had a challenging section, biking from Hamburg, IA flat valley up an over the Loess Hills bluffs down into Rockport, MO. For every joyful moment the wind gave us on the trip down, it took away with vengeance on the return trip back north after the turn around point. Mike Wilson rode a longer leg of 25 miles straight into the wind. It felt like riding uphill the whole way.

After finishing, we had 2.5 hours to relax before the final Event awards ceremony. Since Jim lived downtown in the Old Market, we went to his place and enjoyed a good long soak in the hot tub. The hot tub had a roof top view of Omaha's river and Old Market. With a cold beverage in hand we laughed and talked about our long day. This day was also extra special for Jim Lamb, being his birthday. At the Awards ceremony we were surprised to find out we had earned a Medal. Our team came in 3rd place in the Mens 4-man division. All in all a great day and great ride with good friends. Thank you Jesus for that fun adventure.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Palisades State Park - Rock Climbing

This place is on my radar screen of places to go. http://http//

Only 3.5 hours north of Omaha, outside of Sioux Falls, SD. They have natural rock climbing areas. Check out the downloadable rock climbing brochure. I picked up a rope and harness seat a couple months ago on Craiglists. I need an excuse now to go use them and check it out. Now to find the time to get it done. The world just spins faster with every year.