Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ride notes

I rode the first half of Landmark Group's Race to Recycle this weekend. It was just over 85 miles. The course is very fast and the scenery was incredibly beautifully. The is very little traffic on large sections of it. The challenging part with be the hills around Glenwood on the bay back.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I am sure you heard by now, but we were unsuccessful in attempt, we got to 12,000 ft before the kids pooped out. I will try again. Not sure when. Dale is going to try this summer sometime

Monday, April 11, 2011

Nice Weekend Ride

Well I finally broke out the bike this weekend for long ride. Weather was great, wind was at my back. Left Bellevue and rode to Camp Fontenelle, a 47 mile ride. I had a great opportunity to speak with teenagers from church on their Confirmation weekend retreat. I spoke about the Whitney experience and my faith. What a great honor to be asked on top of a great and fun ride. Debated whether to take the road bike or the heavy mountain bike, ultimately decided on the knobby tire mountain bike. It was hard surface road travel most of the way, then the last few miles on gravel roads. Camp Fontenelle is a methodist church camp in the bluffs overlooking the Elkhorn River, near Nickerson, NE. Yep I had a few hill challenges. I have to admit, I walked and pushed the bike up one long gravel road hill. I am motivated now to do some bike commutting to work again. Weather is cooperating and Spring is here. Get on that bike and do some riding.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Race Nutrition

I asked Lincoln Murdock the following questions and I thought I would post his response

"Can I get your overview of what hammer products and how much I should be taking? During training/racing/recovering."

Thought I'd send this to everyone in case anyone else had a similar question. The last two long rides I've done, I've alternated each hour with what I take in for nutrition. Hours 1, 3, 5, etc. I do a large water bottle of Perpetuem - 2 scoop = 270 calories. On the alternating hours, 2, 4, etc. I do a Hammerbar and Hammergel. During those hours I do 1/2 a bar at the 15 min. mark. At the 30 min. mark I do a gel and at the 45 min. mark I do the other half of the bar (LOVE the cashew/coconut bar) = 320 calories for those hours. I do a bottle of just water with the bar/gel during those hours.

I find this changes things up for me so every now and then I get the "treat" of having something solid and something that tastes really good to me.

If possible, I do 300-400 calories (breakfast) 2 1/2 - 3 hours before I start the ride and make sure I'm well hydrated before I start.

As soon as I finish I drink another bottle with 2 scoops of Hammer's Recoverite.

I also do what I call a "pill cluster" every 60-90 min. I think I might have shared this a week or two ago but...

The cluster is one or two Electrolytes, one Race Cap Supreme, one Anti-fatigue Cap, one Mito Cap, one Amino Cap and if I want caffeine...I toss in an Excedrin. I can also get caffeine from certain flavors of Hammergels.

I want to experiment with the Perpetuem Solid chewables more. 6 = 200 calories. I've done them at times but to equal one bottle of the liquid Perpetuem / hour, I'd have to eat one about every 7-8 min. during the hours I did them, with of course, a full bottle of water.

Bottom line - about 300 calories / hour is all we can really process and as long as it's premium endurance fuel like Perpetuem, you're golden. Cost is a limiting factor of course for many people, so for long stuff, think Perpetuem and gels and Electrolyte Caps.

Hope this helps a bit. Let me know if anyone has more questions about the Hammer line of products. If you are going to order from Hammer and it's your very first order, if you give them the number, 17654, you'll get 15% off that order. This only applies to your first order.


PS - if you're training or racing less than 2 hours, then Hammer's HEED and gels will be fine. If your workout / race is over 2 hours, you need to be using something that also give your protein, which Perpetuem does and Hammerbars do as well.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pico de Orizaba

Dale is trying to set up a climb of this Mt, it is the highest peak in Mexico. Email him if you are interested.