Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dave's Week 5

I had a great week, I only screwed up on one meal, the rest of them I nail it. My pulls ups and bench press(to bad that does not count) are getting better. I have actually gained half a pound but my body fat is down significantly, don't know how much yet. I only got two nights of 8 hrs of sleep, but the rest are between 7:30and 7:45 hours The peppers from Costco are a gift from God. I got 208 points for the week and 1024 for the competition. Because Joe is only missing the sleep, it will be hard for me to catch him. But I will be close. I should do well in Cindy, and maybe the run. The back squat is a mixed bag. 

Nutrition Challenge Week 5

Two weeks left and I am ready for this to be over. Week 5 points: 213 Total competition points: 1035

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dave Paladino week 4

I have learned a few things about this challange
1. You must go to bed hungry or you will not win
2. If its in your house you will eat it
3. The peppers from costco are a gift from God
4. If you do not leave the house with a plan each morning you will not do well.  
I had three meals where I lost control. Two I was able to keep paleo. We went to IHOP last night and I simply did not get enough carbs. When I got home, there was cake from Krystal's baby shower and it was basically over.  Lisa had to pull me off the cake. It was worth it though.  I ended up not that bad, looks Like I am right behind Joe  201 for the week 816 for the total competition.

Nutrition Challenge Week Four

This was probably the hardest week for me so far. I am constantly feeling hungry and fatigued. I struggle with playing two hours of Frisbee and all I can think about is food. Tuesday night I had a spectacular cheat meal and felt pretty good on Wednesday. But by Friday I was feeling like I needed another cheat meal. We tested ten minutes of Cindy and the 800 run Friday night and I had the following results: Cindy + 32 reps, Run + 12 seconds. That is a net gain of 20 points although I did not test back squat I think it has gone down. I am looking forward to seeing what the competitiveness of the final test does for performance. This weeks points 207. I have to subtract four points from last weeks points due to some bad math last week, so my points for Week three are 203. Total competition points: 822

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nutrition Chalenge Week 3

I had a rough week: Completely forgot the fat in two meals, forgot my fish oil once, missed the sleep more than I got it, went more than five hours without eating twice, and ended the week with a 2800 Calorie cheat meal. My points for week three: 202 Total competition points: 619. Keep up the good work everyone we are almost half way done.

Challange Week 3

Here is an update  on me, I continue to do well except for the sleep. I was at an all time low this week with only 2 nights of eight hours of sleep. Because of plowing, some nights were only 5 hours(only three continuous).  I continue to have small accidents once a week. This week it was Lisa's famous Paleo meatloaf that did me in, I love you Lisa:)  No human can eat only 5 oz of that stuff.  I ended up the week at 208 and my total points are 605. We had alot of family in town this weekend for a funeral so we got a lot of people excited about the challenge the next time we do it. My goal this week is no accidents. Joe came up with the idea of a zone cheat meal. He had to use a excel spreadsheet to make sure the ratios were right. I am going to shoot for one next Monday, but my plan is to make it zone and paleo.  We had a great Frisbee game Saturday with another dislocated and broken finger in two unrelated collisions.  And no Joe was no involved in either one.