Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 2 of LGET NC 2.0

Not sure what I think of the rest of you not posting, but ok, my points for the week are 51. It did not help that I had two birthday parties with cake and a lot of pressure from a very cute 9 year daughter. I have not sent an email out but we are doing to do the R2R2R  About mid march of 2014. We should have a big group, so far I have9 firm commitments

Monday, October 21, 2013

LGET Nutrition Challenge V 2.0

Week one down the math is much easier on this one. The three times a day and non zone makes for far less figuring.  I got all 57 points. Work out intensity is not there though. Its good to see Brandy Doug Join in. A little bit of me dies inside every time I sit down and eat and have to cut the fat off. Here is a pic of us at the 2013 Market to Market Relay team.  We crushed it this year with a time of 10:37, which was 27 minutes better than last year.

Way to Go Jamie, Jena, Joe, Cade and Molly